About EcoLiving:

EcoLiving is a Calgary-based nonprofit organization established in 2002 dedicated to supporting sustainable living in Alberta. We are currently recipients of the Shell FuelingChange Award and our work has been recognized by the City of Calgary. Our mission is to provide education, resources, programs and initiatives to individuals, organizations, and schools related to sustainability (green living, recycling, energy efficiency) in the home and community.

EcoLiving brings sustainable living innovators, educators, policy makers and stakeholders together through initiatives like our Home Sustainable Home school outreach program, our Home Winterization program, providing energy savings and sustainable technology upgrades to elderly homeowners and people in need, and our EcoLiving Fairs, showcasing sustainable and green living vendors in communities.

Vision Statement:

Albertans embracing changes leading to a healthier and sustainable living environment

Mission Statement:

To empower our communities to take advantage of environmentally sustainable opportunities in the home and workplace by:

  • Exchanging inspired ideas,
  • Creating winning partnerships, and
  • Offering practical, hands-on solutions.


 Contact Us:


EcoLiving Events

235 Berwick Dr., Unit 31

Calgary, AB T3k 1P6


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