Home Winterization Challenge

EcoLiving is proud to continue the Home Winterization Challenge Series this year in partnership with Women in Need Society.

The Home Winterization Challenge is a program that provides the material, technology and labor to help citizens (especially citizens in need) reduce their home energy costs and environmental impact. We’ve been doing this 2010!. Did you know that Mayor Nenshi proclaimed November 3, 2012 Home Winterization Day for the city of Calgary. We’re mighty proud of that, and we are proud to have worked with several great community associations to assist residents in improving their home’s efficiency.




Partnership with WINS. More details coming!




Saturday, November 16, 2013
Montgomery Community Centre – 5003 16th Avenue NW

9:00am – 2:00pm

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out with this successful event!


“Winter is Calgary’s longest season. You can enjoy your winter more with a home that is winterized. Think of it as bundling your home up with a nice warm toque and mitts to keep winter outdoors and the cozy in. EcoLiving Events has a number of resources and events to help you reduce your heating bills and increase your winter happiness!”




Take the EcoLiving Home Winterization Challenge! Our challenge took place November 3, 2012 in Bowness and Montgomery.


Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors who helped make our Third Annual Winterization Challenge a huge success!


Totem Building Supplies (Bowness Branch)

Shell FuellingChange

ConocoPhillips Canada

Cheryl & Chris Algeo

Carol & Peter Tracey

Thank you to the 33 amazing volunteers who came from all over Calgary to help seniors in Bowness and Montgomery. Some of the senior’s comments:


“Georgina – “We older people are quite helpless and don’t always have immediate family to support us. This project is a wonderful idea, and the volunteers were great.”


Inge – “I can’t believe this project exists. I think it is great. Many wonderful people came to my house to help me.”


Kay -“Very good work and very nice people. I would really like to have them back again.”


Linda – “Everyone went above and beyond my expectations. The volunteers were bright and cheery and did fantastic work.”




The second annual EcoLiving Winterization Challenge was held on November 5, 2011 and was another extremely successful event. Forty-three volunteers joined us at the Bowness Community Hall to learn or improve their winterization skills and then practiced their techniques on the homes belonging to nine Bowness seniors.

Read this article (PDF) about the Winterization Challenge featured in the Bowness Community newsletter The Bow’nester.


The volunteers replaced furnace filters, installed CO detectors and smoke alarms, added gaskets behind the electrical plates, insulated hot water tanks and pipes, and installed weather stripping to the doors and plastic film to the windows. All of this work will make the seniors more comfortable in their homes during the cold winter months, lower their utility costs and reduce their usage of natural resources and in turn greenhouse gas emissions.

Seniors were thrilled with the improvements to their homes, some comments were: “The team of volunteers that worked on my home got along so well, did a great job and I am extremely pleased.” Another comment; “What a wonderful day, we became new friends. I can’t believe this was done for free and by volunteers. Thanks a million.”


Volunteers were also very satisfied with their work. Some of their comments were; “This was such a great event, I want to be involved again next year.” Another comment; “The senior was so grateful, I will continue to visit her, especially at Christmas time and will bring her cookies.”


EcoLiving Events would like to thank all of the people that helped support the event:


Totem Building Supplies (Bowness store) who donated most of the winterization supplies; Alderman Dale Hodges; Chinmaya Mission Calgary, Servus Credit Union; Carol and Peter Tracey, Bowness Community Association.


A huge Thank You to all the volunteers:


Brandon, Claire, Clark, Cory, Danielle, Daphnie, Darryl, Dennis, Derek, Dieter, Dustin, Estelle, Jamie, Jen, Joy, Judi, Kellee, Lionel, Matt, Michelle D, Michelle M, Mick, Mira, Nicole, Pieter, Peter, Randy, Rolland, Ron, Sandy, Sharon, Sommer, Sonia, Subhash, Sue, Suman, Susan, Suzanne, Ted, Vinita, Warren, Wayne, Zina

You made it happen and the community is a better place because of your efforts.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens

can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

  • Margaret Mead


How do you winterize your home?


Stop air leaks with caulking and weather-stripping, insulate your heated pipes, insulate your hot water tank, install a programmable tehrmostat, change your furnace filter, and add a film to your windows – that’s a good start!

A winterized home is more energy efficient, has lower utility costs, and is more comfortable in the cold winter months.




The Winterization Challenge held November 13, 2010, was a great success!

We were able to help winterize six Bowness family homes, making their homes more energy efficient and comfortable for the cold winter months. We also taught 30 volunteers how to winterize a home, skills and knowledge that they will hopefully be able to apply to their own homes or pass on to other Calgarians. View photos of the event here.

Thank You notes from the homeowners:


To Judi Vandenbrink,

Judi, a big thank you to you and the EcoLiving Winterization Challenge Team!  A job well done!  Please convey my heartfelt thanks to the sponsors of this project.

A BIG Thank You to:
Clark     Eric     Tammy     Ty     Tyler

What an impressive diverse group of young people.  An engineer, a student, Totem employee…  They were courteous, professional and they ALL went out of their way to help me and my family stay warm this winter.  Going above and beyond my expectations; they moved some heavy building supplies that I couldn’t, due to recent surgery.  Ty even offered to dust my windows before applying the insulating film. What a great team!  There is always the fear of strangers coming into your home and seeing your clutter.  My house is currently in shambles due to a stall in some renovations.  There are boxes and building supplies everywhere.  They had to step over and around many obstacles.  They did not judge me nor did they complain.  Their parents should be proud.

Tyler I hope you found something to insulate with the spray can of foam.

Ty hope you weren’t too late for work.


I have two regrets; first that I was unable to stay for your luncheon.  It would have been nice to get to know such a great group of people.  Second of which is that more residents of Bowness did not take advantage of this very worthwhile project.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who donated their time and effort to this worthwhile cause.  Thanks also to Chelsea for taking photos.

My next challenge is to keep the dog from pouncing through the plastic on the living room windows.  That would be a dog challenge not an eco challenge.

Judi once again thank you.  I am looking forward to future projects such as this. I would love to volunteer my time in the future to help repay what wonderful gifts that I was given today.

Vivian Kulyk

This is Merrit Penny, Scott’s wife.  First, I just wanted to say Thank You Very Much !! for the work and efforts made by everyone last week at our house.  The improvements have made a difference, it’s not as cold and drafty, and with our winter wonderland here in Calgary the timing couldn’t have been better, the house is much warmer.   The programmable thermostat is a great addition as well, it’s keeping the house a consistent temperature,  instead of warm to hot, then back to cold as we were doing. The house is being kept warm, consistently, it’s really nice.

Thank you for supporting the EcoLiving Winterization Challenge 2010:

Our Sponsors:

  • City of Calgary
  • Totem Building Supplies (Bowness Branch)
  • Servus Credit Union (Bowness Branch)
  • Lord Beaverbrook students
  • Good Earth Cafe
  • Carol and Peter Tracey
  • Wayne Baker

Our Volunteers:

Becca, Brendan, Chelsea, Claire, Clark, Dan, Darcie, Darryl, Daryl, Dave, David, Dieter, Eric, Ivor, Jayanthi, Jeff, Jennifer, Joel, Judi, Liz, Margaret, Mira, PJ, Susan, Suzanne, Tammy, Ted, Tyler, Wally, Wayne, Zina

Please contact Judi at info@ecolivingevents.ca for more information on this year’s event, or if you would like to participate or volunteer for next year’s event.

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