Success By the Numbers:

Over 150 Guests!

Over $1000 raised for four great organizations!

Over 80 Volunteer Hours donated!

Over 20 new memberships for Good Life Community Bike Shop!

We Accomplished our Four Main Goals:

  1. Organize an event sponsored by four great organizations working together in partnership!
  2. Celebrate Winterpalooza/Cyclepalooza
  3. Educate Guests about sustainability choices via OpenStreets’ PedalPower bicycle and Alberta LED lights and Bullfrog Power.
  4. Have a great time and meet new people.

 The Organizations:

Ecoliving Events

Good Life Community Bike Shop


OpenStreets Calgary

The Sponsors:

Bullfrog Power

Village Brewery

Alberta LED Lights

 The Photos:


The World’s Best Volunteers! Look How Happy They Are!


Light Provided by Human Power via Pedal Power and OpenStreets!


The GoodLife


Mike's Happy Face.

Mike’s Happy Face.

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