February 6th Teaching Plot

Continuing on our narrative curriculum, we’ve taken our charcters (Horse with Mustache, WolfFang and others) and began to create a story, complete with problem for characters to solve. We suggested that the problem revolve around a sustainability issue. (We had a school covered in garbage by an evil uncaring monster)


People weren’t recycling, so Havy the Hound had to fix it and after Havy the Hound fixed it, everybody saw how great recycling is.

What we Learned:

The fascinating part of this lesson was that the youngest grades had the easiest time creating an original story and problem for their character. It seemed as the classes became older, their stories drew more from known (read Disney) films and characters than from the students own imaginations.

 What We Got Wrong:

This week didn’t show any glaring incorrect assumptions. The students had a great time working in groups and they seemed to enjoy the lesson.

Best Quotes:

“Well, most times the bad guy learns his lesson by the end of the story and becomes a good guy, but most times they don’t do that and they stay a bad guy, and some times they just stay in the middle.”

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