EcoLiving Events has launched their annual fundraising drive!

Our Goal is $13,000 by February 13th!

Funds raised go to support projects including the Sustainable Schools Program and the Home Winterization Challenge. Without your support we cannot continue to assist Calgarians in upgrading their homes to save energy and money during the winter months and we cannot continue to support future sustainability leaders in our schools.

What EcoLiving Does:

Home Winterization

EcoLiving is proud to continue the Home Winterization Challenge Series this year in partnership with Women in Need Society.

The Home Winterization Challenge is a program that provides the material, technology and labor to help citizens reduce their home energy costs and environmental impact. We’ve been doing this 2010!. Did you know that Mayor Nenshi proclaimed November 3, 2012 Home Winterization Day for the city of Calgary. We’re mighty proud of that, and we are proud to have worked with several great community associations to assist residents in improving their home’s efficiency.

Home Winterization Information

Sustainable School Program Partnerships

EcoLiving is proud to offer any combination of the below programs to area schools. Our Executive Director, Mike Jones, is our lead consultant on the project. He has a PhD in Creative Writing and Literature and has experience working elementary age children and educators. Our goal is to assist your school in any green and sustainability projects, courses, and curriculum development that suit school needs.

Sustainable Schools Partnership Information

Sustainable School Components

-Teacher Resource Consultant/Researcher:
We provide a dedicated consultant to help search out any programs, grants, teacher resources, fieldtrips, guest speakers related to sustainability that your school might be interested in using. We’ll come in with our own suggestions, but we’ll also seek advice from your instructors. If they’re interested in a specific topic within the scope of sustainable living and environmental stewardship practices, we’ll be do the legwork and research to provide specific course materials to suit your teachers’ interests.
-Unique Lesson Development For Your Curriculum:
If your class is studying addition, fractions, measurements, patterns, narrative, processes we can create a lesson combining sustainability practices and your area of focus. We do not want to take away from your class time, we want to add to it.
-Sustainability Club:
We can organize and lead a weekly lunchtime Sustainability Club including small projects like building a composting bin, a small rain barrel and water distribution system, or a recycling project like making paper for Mother’s Day’s cards. We can conduct a student-led school energy-use audit and then plan and implement simple energy savings initiatives.
-Classroom Projects:
We can organize on-going classroom-based activities and experiments like building terrariums, herb gardens, worm compost bins or any other projects.
-Green Monster:
We can assist each class in creating a Green Monster mascot. This includes working with the class during several sessions to create an image of the monster along with an origin story, storyboard, plot, and characters. We will provide stickers of the monster they design to place on recycling bins.
-Home-based Projects:
We can organize a Sustainable Home Investigation project in which students take their sustainability knowledge home via worksheets and simple tools (provided by EcoLiving) to use the scientific method to investigate their home’s sustainability. This includes counting and identifying the types of light bulbs, measuring water-flow, checking for leaky toilets with dye, and other simple experiments.

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